• Taiwan is geographically located North of the Philippines and southeast of China, proximity to the East China Sea, South China Sea, Philippine Sea and Taiwan Strait.
• Total area: 36,188 square kilometers.
• Climate: Oceanic and subtropical monsoon.
• Population: 23 million inhabitants.
• Population density: 637 people per square kilometer.
• Ethnic background : Hakka, Fujianese, Indigenous, Mainland Chinese.
• Population by age: about 13.3% of the total population is less than 15 years of age,and
13.5% is greater than 65 years of age.
• Taiwan has two levels of government,the Central Government and the Local/Municipal Government. The Central Government is composed of five branches: Executive, Legislative, Judicial, Control and Examination Yuan.
• In contrast to countries such as the United States or England, the legal system in Taiwan is based on civil law, similar to Germany or Japan. The primary source of law comes from statutes rather than judicial decisions.
• One significant fact for foreign nationals doing business in Taiwan is: unless otherwise provided by law, legal documents do not have to be in Chinese. English legal documents are accepted in general and are as binding and effective as if they were written in Chinese.

• Mandarin Chinese (official language), Taiwanese, Hakka and other Chinese dialects.
• English and Japanese are the most commonly used foreign languages.
• Ethnic Groups: Taiwanese (including Hakka) 87%, mainland Chinese 10%,
indigenous 2.5%.
• Religions: mixture of Buddhist and Taoist 80%, Christian 6.1%, other 2.5%.
• Investment Growth Areas: as the economy has shifted from labor-intensive industries to knowledge-based and capital-intensive industries, there are a variety of new investment opportunities available in Taiwan. Some of the world’s leading high-tech players are located in Taiwan. The prime industries for potential investment include: semi-conductors, opt-electronics, precision machinery and instrumentation, metals, information and technology equipment, electrical products, aviation, and automotive, biomedical and pharmaceutical products.
• Currency: New Taiwan dollar(NT$).

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