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Comprehensive Services for the Registration, Licensing and Protection of Intellectual Property Rights

Shay & Partners offers its clients a full range of services for the protection, transfer and enforcement of trademarks, copyrights, patents and trade secrets, including the filing and registration of Intellectual Property Rights with the respective authorities.

We advise clients on establishing comprehensive plans for the protection of all of their Intellectual Property Rights. Our attorneys have considerable experience in drafting and negotiating agreements for the license and transfer of intellectual property.

We are active in anti-counterfeiting efforts in Taiwan and assist our clients in developing individualized strategies to protect their Intellectual Property Rights from counterfeiting and other unauthorized uses. We work closely with the relevant authorities in order to assure that our clients are protected from counterfeiting. We have a proven track record of initiating successful raids on suspected counterfeiters and in following this up through the prosecution stage. We have achieved impressive results that include the conviction and strict sentencing for offenders in addition to successful raids on piracy goods and the equipment used for production.

Success Story

Shay & Partners involved in cross referrals for more than 65 jurisdictions in the world

Further to close of a massive acquisition of businesses in China, Taiwan, and the United States, Shay & Partners assisted its client via Globalaw network for transfer of intellectual property rights registration in more than 65 jurisdictions in the world on schedule. Meanwhile, cross referrals have been increasing between Shay & Partners in Taiwan and Legal Advisory Council Limited (LACL) in Thailand in trademark registration matter.

Referrals continue between Shay & Partners and multiple Globalaw member firms

Shay & Partners successfully make more substantial referrals to its Globalaw counterparts in the USA. Hanson Bridgett LLP is helping Himax Technologies, Inc., a NASDAQ listed company, with negotiations of technology licensing agreements.

Legal Representation for Japanese Manufacturer Against Piracy in Taiwan and South East Asia

Chuo Sogo Law offices asked Shay & Partners to take immediate action for its client, a famous rebar processing machinery producer in Japan, against piracy performed by Taiwanese factories which remodeled the original and developed a counterfeit carrying label misleading enough to the customer for distribution in the ASEAN countries. Shay & Partners successfully yielded the counterfeiters to the Japanese manufacturer and prevented further sales of the counterfeit.

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