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Experienced Attorneys in Cross-border Trade Issues

Our attorneys have considerable experience in advising clients and working closely with colleagues within the Globalaw International Law Group in all kinds of international trade. We have good knowledge of respective business practice and local culture in addition to the customs regulations applicable in the relevant transactions, with which advantage we achieve successful negotiation for our clients and partners.

Success Story

Gunster and Shay & Partners resolve a dispute over a sailboat transaction

Gunster, Florida-based Globalaw member, represented two individuals purchasing a 62-foot sailboat from its original owners towards the end of 2016. The sold article had been manufactured by a Taiwanese company. Having sustained damage to the yacht’s hull as well as steering defects, these issues were at the forefront of the article’s sale. The negotiation for settling a claim made under certain warranties that run in favour of a “subsequent buyer” stated in the contract encountered significant obstacles in processing the repair of the yacht. Gunster suggested to the client that Shay & Partners, Globalaw member in Taiwan, could provide local assistance. This would be the best means of delivering a positive result for all parties. The manufacturer and purchaser eventually reached a monetary settlement and cordially resolved the dispute.

Rutgers & Posch and Shay & Partners advise on dispute between manufacturing contract parties

A client of Rutgers & Posch’s terminated its contract with a Taiwanese manufacturer for production relocation reasons. As a result, the manufacturer refused to return the company’s molds. To avoid further delays in the production, Rutgers & Posch teamed up with Shay & Partners who provided invaluable assistance in the litigation process by obtaining the release of the molds.

Legal opinion addressed on the use of expired product certification

Chuo Sogo Law offices asked Shay & Partners to look into an issue regards to the use of expired product certification for its client, a world-class instrument producer, and review possible legal solutions for compliance.

Assistance provided for document notarization and legalization

Golden Gate Lawyers and Shay & Partners have been working closely in offering clients located in China and Taiwan services required in the matter of intellectual property right protection. In various occasions, documents and certificates held by clients required for notarization and legalization have been done effectively through the two Globalaw members’ timely introduction of notary services associated with respective firms.

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