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It is in our domain answering precisely your question about Labour & Employment issues. “We advise clients doing the right thing in addition to doing the thing right.”

We provide subject-matter counseling to solve workplace challenges covering the entire range of labor and employment issues, such as: hiring, testing, workforce reductions, and anti-harassment and other employment law training. Similarly, we have a strong team focusing on traditional labor matters, business immigration, work permits, legislative and regulatory assistance, and international labor and employment matters.

It is commonly observed that foreign companies build up their local workforce here by outsourcing support. The local labour authority is developing more and more regulations on outsourcing which our professionals have been watching closely and feeding back opinions in public consultation. Liabilities on taxes and personal injuries are associated issues that cannot be ignored. We have successfully developed a road map to assist clients identify signposts that threaten risks to their business model and entry strategy.
Shay & Partners has demonstrated its strength on litigating for clients in labour disputes in the court proceedings in large lay off dispute case. In addition, the firm has utilized its useful network connections in China to help Taiwanese companies on solving difficult issues created under the changing labour law scheme implemented in China.

Success Story

Shay & Partners successfully support Dutch client

Shay & Partners was referred by Rutgers & Posch to advise its client, BE Semiconductor Industries NV (“Besi”) which is listed on Euronext Amsterdam, about better compliance of employment regulations applicable for its subsidiary and branch in Taiwan. Shay & Partners further was able to help the client in negotiation of employment contracts and for investigation on irregular employee conduct.

Jung & Sohn engaged Shay & Partners to advise on immigration regulations

Jung & Sohn hired Shay & Partners for immediate investigation of a criminal case involving deporting of Korean citizen and further thorough research of immigration regulations in Taiwan in relation to the pending case.

Shay & Partners assisted a US client in a sensitive employment law issue

Thanks to a referral from Garvey Schubert Barer, the Globalaw member in Seattle, Shay & Partners helped a client facing a sensitive employment law issue with an employee falling under Taiwan employment regulation  which is unique. Arthur Shay and Victorenna Hsu provided the necessary strategic advice and drafted all relevant documents and guidelines for the client. This matter was resolved quickly thanks to a fast and effective collaboration between Globalaw members for the benefit of a very thankful client.

Leading Counsel

Head of group

David Wei​


Arthur Shay​

Senior Counsel
Clayton Yang
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