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Shay & Partners occupies a leading position among Taiwan’s IT legal service providers. We currently represent prominent Taiwanese software developers, design houses and manufacturers of computer peripherals and other leading-edge IT products. We provide our clients with a full range of legal services including the negotiation and drafting of agreements for the manufacture, purchase, license and distribution of goods and services. We also assist clients in the registration and protection of their Intellectual Property Rights.

As one of the pioneers in developing a legal practice focused in the area of electronic commerce, Shay & Partners currently represents a large number of Taiwan’s top internet service providers (ISP), content and application service providers (ASP), as well as B2B / B2C website operators.

Success Story

International Legal Representation

A global leader in the provision of information technology, research and advisory services, requested a tender for legal representation throughout the Asia Pacific region. The Globalaw firms in Australia, India, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan and Thailand all contributed to the development of the tender with particulars of their resources, expertise and pricing.

Shay & Partners and Goehmann facilitate the launch of an innovative heated clothing technology in Europe

Shay & Partners helped its client Zoetronics, a Taiwanese company that invented a new heated clothing technology, conclude a distribution deal with Ahlers AG, a leading fashion manufacturer company in Europe.

Globalaw firms advise on mobile app privacy policy

Abacus Legal Group, Dyah Ersita & Partners, and Kelvin Chia Partnership successfully assisted a client of Shay & Partners, a Japanese company providing mobile apps technology, by reviewing its Privacy Policy and the Terms of Service for ensuring compliance with respective laws of India, Indonesia, and Singapore for distribution of the mobile game app.

Shay & Partners assisted a global communications client in a sensitive e-commerce compliance issue

Thanks to a referral from the Globalaw member in Mumbai, Shay & Partners recently helped a client facing a sensitive e-commerce law compliance issue with cross-border payment processing and mandatory consumer protection rules. Arthur Shay and Lillian Chiu provided the necessary strategic advice and drafted relevant documents and guidelines for the client.

Leading Counsel

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Tim Chen​

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