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As Taiwan’s premier legal service provider in Telecom and Media, we have advised various government agencies in the legal services they need and support with the drafting of key government legislation. The consultants in the Telecom and Media group of Shay & Partners actively involved in the liberalization of Taiwan’s Telecom and Media industry for many years. Recognizing our vast experience in Telecom and Media, both local and multinational organizations rely on Shay & Partners for sound counsel and assistance with strategic planning, corporate structuring, financing, licensing and regulatory compliance issues. We assist clients with their ongoing business operations including dealing with consumer and corporate complaints. We also support clients with their legislative lobbying efforts.

Arthur Shay is the head of its Telecom and Media law practice. Arthur Shay has a distinguished reputation when it comes to broadcasting laws, especially in relation to cable television and radio regulations. He has extensive experience acting for telecom companies. One market observer enthuses: “He is a real expert in cable TV. Everybody respects him in media. His skill set as a lawyer is fantastic.

Success Story

Shay & Partners advises telecommunication company on business expansion in Asia

FarEasTone, one of the top three mobile operators in Taiwan, is initiating its regional feasibility study for a potential business expansion into certain territories in the South East Asia. Shay & Partners reached out to Globalaw member firms and immediately received support from Kelvin Chia Partnership and Zambrano Gruba Caganda & Advincula on regulations governing telecom services (including fixed and mobile networks), cable television service, and OTT services of the following jurisdictions: Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam and Philippines. The legal opinion was delivered on time to the client’s satisfaction. Further discussions with the client on the next phase of the legal work are being held based on the above successful collaboration.

Shay & Partners led analysis of telecoms spectrum assignment within Globalaw for an international player

Sensus (www.sensus.com) , a multinational company headquartered in the U.S., searched telecom lawyers in designated territories and found Globalaw Talking Business newsletters which elaborate many success stories about collaboration of Globalaw members. As a result, Sensus reached Arthur Shay of Shay & Partners and inquired further as to how an international legal network like Globalaw could help the company for spectrum management issue in respective territories including Taiwan, Singapore, Argentina, and New Zealand. Arthur Shay then immediately reached out to Globalaw members for participation in this exciting program.   

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