NCC takes action on illegal import and sale of Chinese smartphones and RF devices

Artist : Mr. Chau-yih Yu

On 27 July 2022, the National Communications Commission (NCC) issued an alert to report that the illegal import and sale of Chinese smartphones and radio frequency devices, typically low power Bluetooth devices, shall be subject to a penalty of 200,000 new Taiwan dollars for each offence (for further details, please see”Low-power radio frequency equipment further deregulated” and “NCC warns of privacy threat planted in Xiaomi phones“).

In the alert, the NCC highlighted that consumer complaints regarding an offer of import or sale of Chinese-brand smartphone and radio frequency devices that did not receive approval from the NCC have rapidly increased since 2020, with up to 3,000 cases a month.

The NCC aims to regulate online shopping sites and e-commerce sellers by enhancing the enforcement of article 81 under the Telecommunications Management Act, which would force full disclosure of the seller’s identity and sales record of shopping sites that are subject to an investigation for failing to provide the necessary approval.

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