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As the exclusive Taiwan member of Globalaw, a network of more than 100 law firms serving key jurisdictions around the world, it is our distinct pleasure to introduce you to the 2020 Doing Business in Asia Pacific Guide, written and produced by member firms representing this key global region. Thus far, Globalaw has produced Doing Business Guides in Asia Pacific, Europe and Latin America, each of which represent the individual and collaborative expertise of the contributing law firms. These efforts further demonstrate the regional strength of the attorneys who comprise the Globalaw network.

In fact, the total population of the lawyers within Globalaw exceed 4,500 practitioners who bring and offer a universe of practice areas to these key markets. The Guides serve not only to demonstrate the success stories of this expertise but also to provide an immediate roadmap to learn more about doing business fundamentals in an informative and “desktop” format for your ready reference.

Arthur Shay 
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