Dec. 23, 2015  Winners in round two of Taiwan's 4G spectrum auction announced
    Taiwan's National Communications Commission (NCC) recently announced the five winners of the 2,600 megahertz spectrum licence auction. The government will receive a total of NT$27.925 billion from the winners. The NCC has also disclosed its proposed measures for the secondary trade of spectrum rights, which is expected to boost trading between existing 4G operators which are spectrum listed for mobile broadband licences.
Oct. 28, 2015  Administrative hearing on final destination of WBA service
    The National Communications Commission (NCC) is about to remove the final barrier to its upcoming auction of mobile broadband communication licences for fourth-generation long-term evolution. An administrative hearing will soon be held and the findings will be the basis for a further NCC decision regarding the survival of Global Mobile Corp, the only remaining wireless broadband alliance service operator.
Sep. 09, 2015  Television white space and the Internet of Things
    The National Communications Commission (NCC) recently gave the green light for industry to harness the benefits of innovative new wireless technology. The NCC plans to release television white space in the 500 megahertz (MHz) to 600MHz band used by licensed terrestrial broadcasters for very high frequency and ultra high frequency, and is evaluating a potential interference issue alongside the release of identified frequencies to be allocated to the Internet of Things.
Aug. 12, 2015  2600 megahertz band to be released for auction
    The National Communications Commission recently completed its plan for the band currently used for wireless broadband access (WBA) services and its adjacent band. It will be used to offer mobile broadband communication licences for fourth-generation long-term evolution (LTE). Incumbents have expressed concern that WBA services on the same band will interfere with the upcoming deployment of frequency division duplex LTE.