Dec. 11, 2013  Procurement of Huawei's products banned in Taiwan
    National securities authorities have warned the National Communications Commission and requested that telecommunications operators stop the procurement of network communications equipment manufactured by suppliers in China, such as Huawei. Huawei is reportedly upset about the governmental control measures.
Dec. 10, 2013  Taiwan’s 4G Spectrum Auction Witnesses Unprecedented High Bids
    Taiwan’s National Communications Commission (NCC) announced the six winners of the 4G spectrum license auction, which ended on Oct. 30 with unprecedented high bids being submitted.
Nov. 27, 2013  Mandatory seven-day trial of mobile internet service imminent
    The National Communications Commission recently announced that the Regulation Governing Mobile Communications Services will be amended to compel mobile operators to agree under their subscription contract to provide seven days' free internet service to subscribers for the purpose of evaluation. Consumers will have the right to request a minimum seven-day free trial before entering into a contract with mobile operators.
Oct. 23, 2013  4G spectrums turn hot
    The competitive tender for 4G licences began recently with the participation of four incumbent operators and three new operators. The government has indicated that the tender "has overheated" and consumer advocates have openly criticised the design of the 4G tender rules for being problematic.