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Doing Business in Europe 2013/2014 is a well-organized and well-researched guide presented by experienced practitioners of Globalaw Leading Law Firms in the region. You would find it particularly helpful when you are looking for lawyers in jurisdictions where you do not have much recent experience of your own.

Shay & Partners have been committed to enhancing service quality and outreach of client businesses in multiple approaches. As same as clients who rely upon us, we search for speed and simplicity in a complex world, and find that in collaboration of Globalaw Leading Law Firms. The Globalaw doing business guide is an example among many of its kind of this, along with our flexible work practices and participation in the respective industrial forums.

Shay & Partners thank all those lawyers and consultants throughout the Europe region who have helped in the preparation for this publication. There are more available in the website: and you are welcome to visit and download. If you wish to discuss any of the content, please do not hesitate to contact me and I look forward to supporting you to achieve your goals.

Yours sincerely
Shay & Partners


Arthur Shay
Senior Partner

17 July, 2013 



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