Dec. 15, 2010  Commission approves direct submarine cables across Taiwan-China straits
    On November 23 2010 the National Communications Commission (NCC) announced its amended Regulations Governing Fixed-Network Telecommunications Businesses, which will allow international submarine operators to deploy direct submarine cables across the straits between Taiwan and China.
Oct. 13, 2010  Ban on cross-strait submarine cables lifted
    On September 13 2010 the Ministry of Transportation and Communications announced that Taiwan's government plans to allow the direct connection of submarine cables between Taiwan and China due to the frequent interaction across the straits. As the regulator of the telecommunications industry, the National Communications Commission (NCC) approves of the decision to remove geographic limitations from the market for cross-strait submarine cables in compliance with the existing operational procedures for international submarine cable deployment.
Sep. 15, 2010  New commissioners elected into the NCC
    On August 1 2010 three new commissioners were inaugurated into the National Communications Commission (NCC). Su Herng, Chang Si-chung and Wei Shyuo-wen succeeded Bonnie Peng, Lee Ta-sung and Hsieh Chin-nan, whose tenure expired on July 31 2010. Commissioner Liu Chorng-jian was appointed to a second term. All the new commissioners are from the academic sphere. Additionally, Su was elected as the chairman of NCC, while the original deputy, Chen Cheng-tsang, retained his post.
Sep. 08, 2010  Taiwan to implement digital convergence policy
    On July 8 2010 the Executive Yuan announced the Digital Convergence Development Policy in order to initiate a two-stage legislative overhaul and develop the digital convergence industries. The government plans to relax the restrictions on crossownership of telecommunications, broadcasting and internet-based businesses. The policy aims to complete the legal framework with regard to digital convergence in 2014 and achieve certain targets in 2015.