Sep. 23, 2009  Chunghwa Telecom to Reduce Internet Protocol Peering Fees
    The National Communications Commission has agreed upon a new rate plan for Internet Protocol peering fees provided by Chunghwa Telecom in order to ease tensions among other internet service providers, including Taiwan Fixed Network. The commission hopes that the savings made by the ISPs due to the reduced peering fees will be passed on to consumers.
Sep. 16, 2009  Reducing the Digital Divide: Power Line Communication
    The National Communications Commission and Far Eastone Telecommunication (FET) have announced that the first steps have been taken towards reducing the digital divide in certain remote villages by using lines also used for electric power transmission to carry the data needed to provide broadband services. FET will offer free broadband access with speeds of at least two megabits per second to the area until 2011.
Jul. 22, 2009  Internet Protocol Peering Fees to be Screened Annually
    The National Communications Commission has announced plans to screen the Internet Protocol peering fees annually rather than biennially, in order to settle the dispute regarding the calculation of such fees payable by Taiwan Fixed Network to Chunghwa Telecom.
Jul. 09, 2009  Content Control for Telecommunications Platforms
    The National Communications Commission has decided to amend the Regulations Governing the Third Generation (3G) Mobile Telecommunications Services, adding a requirement for those who supply channel programming over 3G networks to obtain approval or licences pursuant to the same regulatory requirements as other broadcasting services WiMAX Rules Revised to Include Content Control.