Dec. 19, 2007  New Edition of Draft Law on Communications Businesses Announced
    The National Communications Commission (NCC) has announced several revisions to the original draft of the Law Governing Communications and Broadcasting, which was released in September 2007. The NCC has also initiated a second round of public comment, and expects that the revised draft will be submitted to the Executive Yuan for review by the end of December 2007.
Dec. 05, 2007  MOD Formally Serves as Telecommunications Service
    The National Communications Commission has approved the codes of conduct, business terms and conditions, subscription contract and service tariff proposed by Chunghwa Telecom for the multimedia content transmission platform service, a multimedia-on-demand (MOD) service. This move formally confirms that MOD services have been shifted from cable television services to telecommunications services.
Nov. 28, 2007  NCC Approves New Tariff for Chunghwa Telecom’s Local Loops
    The National Communications Commission (NCC) has approved a new tariff for twist-pair local loops proposed by Chunghwa Telecom. The tariff applies for leasing arrangements with other local network operators that do not have their own local loops. The NCC has emphasized that the new tariff differs from those previously agreed by commercial negotiation, which depended solely on market power.
Oct. 31, 2007  New Legal Framework for Communications Announced
    The National Communications Commission has delivered a new draft legal framework for communications which it plans to submit for review in the Executive Yuan. The bill centres on transforming regulation to reflect the trend of digital convergence and addresses the areas of technological convergence, industry competition and social norms.